Printed Benefit Statements

A significant percentage of the population, including a high percentage of millennials, prefer print over digital format.  Technology is great, but we’re all inundated with thousands of digital touches (emails, texts, notifications) every day. It takes the more tactile, analog, “hold it and see it” approach – a printed personalized document – to fully capture someone’s attention and make a lasting impression.

Employee Benefits Communications is firmly in the camp of personalized, printed benefit (a.k.a, total compensation or total rewards) statements. We believe in the benefits listed below, and feedback from our clients over the last decade confirms this belief. 

We do agree that digitally-produced benefits statements are effective, and many digitally-savvy users like the ease of viewing. While we prefer printed statements, Employee Benefits Communications can also produce personalized, “digital” benefit statements.

Feel free to contact us to request printed samples be sent to you for review. Click the link below to see examples of our most popular statement designs.

The Benefits of Printed Statements

  • Printed benefit statements are easier to read. Employees are more likely to grasp the significance of the total.
  • Employees put higher value in a well-done, full-color benefit statement they can hold. It's the tactile effect.
  • Delivered or mailed statements make a more unique and lasting impact than digitally-sent documents.
  • Printed statements are more likely to be kept than online PDFs.
  • Similarly, printed statements are referred to more frequently than their digital counterparts.
  • Printed statements are more easily shared with family members.